PLANT JOY is a movement about health through education and action. I have a desire to educate and impact people, families and communities that health starts with us. Health is a choice and we choose it everyday and in every way. Choose well, you matter!

After a breast cancer diagnosis in my thirties, I began using food as a medicine to aid in my treatments, and many surgeries. Today, I continue to use food to prevent a recurrence of disease and to maintain optimal health. Food is our bodies fuel and our foundation for health. What we eat does matter and is quite powerful in fighting off disease and helping to achieve and reach pinnacle health. I encourage others to try a whole foods, plant based diet as a first defense in health and healing. You’re worth it!

Use this website a resource for plant based health information, research and day to day fun stuff like recipes and social media.

*Please remember Plant Joy does not replace your doctor or medical team, we are simply sharing information. 

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One thought on “Plant Joy

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Amberlea, I met you at the All Souls Yoga Event at Erin’s home. I loved your cooking demonstration you did, and the passion you have about healthy eating and your empowering story you shared. I talked with you afterwards, about my Women’s Wellness Day that I have at my house every year. This is going to be the 5th year that I am hosting it, I am having it on Friday, August 5th. I would love it if you could come and do a cooking demonstration and possibly prepare our lunch for us? I think you would be a great addition to my Wellness Day.

    To give you an idea of how the day goes. We start off with a light breakfast and beverages, then a 2.4 mile walk, boot camp, yoga, chair massages and then a healthy way of cooking. In the past I have cooking demonstrations with beets, non-dairy cooking, variety of salads. This year I am looking for protein (meat) substitution ideas. Or something with that theme.

    I hope that you would be interested in being apart of my Women’s Wellness Day. I would love it if we could talk more. You can reach me on my cell: 262-366-2253 or by email.
    PS. I really enjoyed the Souls Yoga Day Event!! I felt amazing afterwards!!

    Karen Bast
    CPT-NASM and ACE Personal Trainer


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