Plant Joy is a movement about health through food, plant foods! Amberlea Childs of Plant Joy is wildly passionate about the power of food and its connection to our health. In 2010, at age 36, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Tired of hearing “What you eat does not matter,” she began researching nutrition and was enlightened while reading The China Study by T. Colin CampbellAmberlea made changes to her diet immediately and moments after her cancer diagnosis, became a vegan.

Amberlea has been a breast health educator for 12 years and in 2014 became a Certified Food for Life instructor with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She specializes in working with cancer patients and families as they journey back to health through a whole-food, plant- based diet.  She hosts plant-based cooking classes and offers food coaching. Classes focus on eating for optimal health, cancer prevention, diabetes, and weight loss.

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Why did you you become a Food for Life instructor.
“I believe my plant-based dietary changes strengthened me during treatment and help keep me cancer-free today. Food is our fuel, and what we eat does matter. However, I didn’t find enough support, resources or really any helpful information about the many benefits food can provide before, during and after treatment. Many doctors, nurses and dietitians would advise by saying, “You can eat whatever you want, just take in 2000 calories a day.” That is bad advice and that does not help the body fight disease.  I wanted more info, so I researched and found what I was looking for, an entire network of doctors, researchers, dietitians and patients like me that all believe that FOOD IS MEDICINE. This is my camp, these are my people, and together we know that eating a  plant-based diet can not only reverse some forms of chronic illness but it can prevent most of the very diseases we suffer from today. I want to share this with anyone who wants to learn and explore the power of food.

Currently, Amberlea of Plant Joy can be found  hosting classes with the Milwaukee Public School Recreation, Wauwatosa Recreation Department, Medical College of Wisconsin, private classes, and  serves private clients. Plant Joy offers vegan catering for events and health presentations with food demonstrations. Amberlea is available for travel throughout Southern Wisconsin.

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